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Chris Salis SAP

An SAP Specialist at Core

I, Chris Salis, joined SAP in 2010 as the VP and Head of Global Sales for SAP’s Line of Business Solutions for Procurement.

Before that, I worked for some big companies such as Business Objects, eBay, Gap Inc., and Adecco Employment Services.

Being a tech enthusiast and always having a knack for business applications, I was always inclined towards what SAP as a business enterprise company was doing.

In my early career, getting into SAP was a long shot for me. I never imagined that I would end up being there. But it was in 2006 when things really started to get rolling.

I was appointed as Senior Manager for Business Objects’ Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Department and went on to be promoted to Executive Director and Chief of Staff for the Office of the CEO in my last years there.

It was a good experience but what came next was unimaginable. My entry into Systems, Applications & Products (SAP SE).

My Time at SAP

After being VP and Head of Global Sales at SAP, I was promoted to being the Global Vice President & General Manager for SAP’s Line of Business Solutions for Procurement.

The last position I served at SAP was as Global Vice President and Head of Portfolio for SAP’s Go-to-Market.

When I was Global VP, my achievements were worth talking about. I commercialized SAP’s digital business unit and introduced a new B2B/C SaaS business model. I also reduced the average time to revenue for new innovations. It went down from 12 months to 90 days.

Further, I also repositioned zero-revenue products and took them from $0 revenue to $41 M revenue.

A Startup Advisor & Business Strategy Consultant Sometimes

Apart from being an SAP expert and SAP consultant, I am also a startup advisor and a business strategy consultant.

I provide crucial advice and insights to the new startups for a great start in the industry and my financial guidance has helped to grow numerous ventures into a thriving company.

Christopher Salis’ Career at a Glance

Adecco Employment Services – Procurement Manager

I completed my Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, US. After completing my education, I immediately joined Adecco Employment Services, which is the leading provider of HR solutions in the world.

My positions at Adecco Employment Services: 

  • IT Procurement Manager 
  • Senior IT Buyer 
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager

My achievements at Adecco Employment Services:

  • I managed the IT Procurement Program for global corporate operations and almost 700 branch locations.
  • I controlled the selection and management process of the IT supplier base.
  • I managed contract negotiations, strategic partners, and vendors.

My diligent efforts triggered a full transformation of Adecco’s employment process.

After a successful journey at Adecco, I left the company to apply my innovative approach and insights at Gap, Inc. I served as a Manager of Strategic Sourcing.

Later, I worked at eBay as a Manager of Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, and Operational Excellence. My work helped in streamlining operations and improving the efficiency of the company.

Business Objects – A Strategic Leader & Product Manager

In 2006, my experience and leadership skills allowed me to join Business Objects, an SAP company. The company specializes in business intelligence and enterprise software services.

My positions at Business Objects:

  • Senior Manager of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing
  • Senior Director of Global Go-to-Market Process and Product Management
  • Executive Director and Chief of Staff-Office of the CEO

My achievements at Business Objects:

  • I helped in setting CEO and executive leadership priorities for SAP’s Analytics and Technology Portfolio.
  • I managed the day-to-day operations of SAP’s Ecosystem and Partner Organization.
  • I handled SAP Corporate Development and M & A.
  • My global forecast calls ran for a +$1B division.
  • I owned C-level sales engagement after the merger of Business Objects and SAP.

SAP – Global Vice-President & Head of Portfolio

After the merger of Business Objects and SAP, I was offered the position of vice president at the Palo Alto, CA branch of SAP

My positions at SAP:

  • Vice-president and Head of Global Sales, Line of Business Solutions for procurement
  • Global Vice-president and General Manager, Line of Business Solutions for Procurement.
  • Global Vice-president and Head of Portfolio Go to Market

My achievements at SAP:

  • I reversed the declining revenue of the company.
  • I achieved the highest line of business quota in 2010-11.
  • I helped in generating 4x SaaS revenue growth.
  • I helped generate 300% revenue growth in 2011.
  • I launched SAP sourcing which became the first successful offering of SaaS.
  • I assembled a strong global team of product managers.
  • My framework helped in the engagement of SAP Agile methodology.
  • My strategy led to the acquisition of Ariba for $4.3B in 2012.
  • I became the leader of Ariba post-merger.
  • My strategy helped in growing SaaS revenue to 75%.
  • I launched new business models with his ground-breaking innovations.
  • I commercialized the SAP Digital Business unit.

Catapuult Consulting – Managing Partner

After working at SAP, I worked as a managing partner at Catapuult Consulting Company which aids enterprises in spend management and procurement strategy development.

Further, Catapuult also guides startups from zero to one million dollars in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

Secure Our Schools Foundation – Co-Founder and Advisor

In 2022, I went on to do some charitable work and co-founded Secure Our Schools Foundation.

It’s a nonprofit organization under 501(c)3 status dedicated to enhancing school safety through technology, benefiting more than 250,000 K-12 students across various schools.

My focus was on:

  • Active Shooter Prevention and Mitigation Strategies
  • Medical Emergency Response and Management
  • Comprehensive Incident Management Solutions

Through these initiatives, I strived to create safer learning environments for students and support educators in handling critical situations effectively.

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